Sell One's Comics at the World's Largest Comic Book Store,

Get Extra Cash Fast for Christmas

Wondering what to do with the collection of comic books stored in the basement, closet or garage? Looking to turn them into cash for Christmas?, the world’s largest online retailer of collectible comics has revised its “Comics to Cash” program and now will pay a cash advance when comic book owners sell their comics at’s program is simple. For comics published before 1974, you get 15 percent of their value up front, and when the book sells, 50 to 80 percent of its sale price, minus the advance. And with superhero movies taking over Hollywood, has just had its two biggest sales months in its 18-year history. founder & CEO Jim Drucker attributes the sales bump to’s worldwide reach with customers in all 50 states and 116 foreign countries. 

“We’re the Amazon for comics -- we have more customers and a bigger selection – 725,000 comics -- than any brick and mortar comic book store,” said Drucker.’s program makes selling comics easy. does all the work: they professionally grade each book, find a buyer and then securely package and ship it from their state-of-the-art fulfillment center in suburban Philadelphia. A seller merely cashes checks.

How fast do comics sell at NewKadia? In the past few weeks, these expensive issues all sold after being on sale less than one day, with prices ranging from $200 to over $3,000 each: 

·        "Incredible Hulk #181" (first appearance of Wolverine);

·        "Iron Man #55" (first appearance of Thanos);

·        "Batman #181" (first appearance of Poison Ivy);

·        "Amazing Spider-man #121" (the death of Gwen Stacy);

·        "The Avengers #1" (first appearance of the Avengers);

·        "Hawkman #4" (first appearance of Zatanna);

·        "Green Lantern #76" (first issue by the team of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams);

·        "The Brave & The Bold #54" (first appearance of the Teen Titans);

·        "Marvel Spotlight #5" (first appearance of Ghost Rider);

·        "Amazing Spider-man #129" (first appearance of the Punisher);

·        "Marvel Premiere #15" (first appearance of Iron Fist); and

·        "Silver Surfer #1".’s full program is described in detail at



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